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Catch This Presentation & Discover:
Secret #1: How To Eliminate Black Fear, Doubt & Self Hatred

Learn How the Cycle of Black Conditioning Creates Your Results & Change This Cycle Forever
Secret #2: How To Achieve More In Days Not Years

How You Are Incorrectly Using The Power of Focus & How To Change This In An Instant
Secret #3: The Most Important Thing To Do To Get Massive Results
Why Positive Thinking & Affirmations Don't Work & 
What To Do Instead
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When You Join The Black Mastery Journey You Will:

  • Discover & Eliminate Your Most Limiting Beliefs Forever With The Belief Breakthrough
  • Release Inner Conflict & Subconscious Sabotage With The Inner Revolutionary Exercise
  • Realize Your Life Purpose With A Potent Visualization
  • Dreamline & Timeline Your Mastery Outcomes With A Proven Process
  • Expand Your Identity To One of Black Mastery
  • Experience Empowered, Resourceful States With The Ring of Mastery
  • Magnetize & Energize Your Outcomes With Mastery Manifesting
  • Enjoy the sounds of multi-platinum, award winning producer Toby Wright who has created original, high definition music for the Black Mastery Success Program, which creates empowered states in a few listens...


The Black Mastery Program has helped me uncover and identify noise, trauma, and false narratives that I never knew existed. These things were growing with me like parasites, taking up space, fueling fear, nurturing negativity and keeping me from achieving my goals.
Through this powerful program I was able to not only learn but also experience something revolutionary inside of me that was hidden.

I continue to use this tremendous tool to bust through blockages and get to the bag. Thank you! 

Michael Wogu-Visionary

Join The Black Mastery Journey Now & 
Receive These Special Black Mastery Gifts:

  • Conversations in Black Mastery Interviews with:
    Iyanla Vanzant, Star of Iyanla, Fix My Life: On Personal Mastery
    Dr. Randal Pinkett, Winner of The Apprentice: On Business Mastery
    Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Author of The Wealth Choice: On Wealth Mastery
  • Goal Setting Extravaganza
    A 90 Minute High Octane Goal Setting Workshop That Will Move You Towards Your Goals Easily
  • Leave Your Limits Virtual Intensive
    4 Deep Dive Sessions That Eliminate Self Sabotage + Limiting Beliefs Forever (11 Breakthrough Hours Total)


11 Case Studies with Black Entrepreneurs and Influencers

Discover How My Clients  Achieved Massive Results in Record Time

Topics Include: 

  • Black Mastery Success Case Study
  • ​Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with Top Pop Influencer EyeAmKi
  • $7K in 7 Days
  • $400K in 5 Weeks
  • ​20X Your Revenue
  • ​$37K in 5 Weeks
  • ​Startup to 7 Figures
  • ​Real Estate Sales: From $3 Million in 6 Months to $3.2 Million in 6 Weeks
  • ​From Binder to Business (and $15K) in 30 Days
  • ​From $0 to $62K in Real Estate Commissions in 90 Days
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